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A simple license that does not need an FAQ. How refreshing!

The Lambda Genie Runtime is free forever! The console is free for 1 month. After that, you can choose to continue using the runtime with your configuration for free, or subscribe to a paid tier if you foresee a need to continue using the console. For basic config management, the runtime is all you need, and the config file is simple JSON that you can edit with any text editor.

Free Tier


1 Month of console access.
  • Lifetime license to use the runtime
  • Visual Rule Editor, Config Designer, Feature Flag Editor
  • Download your data and use it with the runtime for free, forever
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Business Tier


Single User License
  • Console Access
  • Lifetime license to use the runtime
  • Standard Email Support

Enterprise Tier

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Multi User License
  • Console Access
  • User Auth, Editors, Administrators
  • Custom Workflows
  • Priority Email Support
  • Phone/Zoom Support available
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